Voyager Tarot, Emperor, and 9-11

I was looking at my Voyager Tarot deck, and I came across the Emperor card, and I noticed a section of the card, shown here.


Those are the towers of the World Trade Center in NYC, the same towers that were destroyed on 9-11.

When I saw this (and I hadn’t noticed it before), a thought came to me: “Emperors always have enemies.”

Emperors always have enemies, they are often easy targets because they do not fly under any radar, and they do have vulnerabilities that their enemies are looking to exploit, for whatever reason.

I probably won’t see the Emperor card – in any deck – the same way again.

This is the full card:



This Week’s Rune Reading

Hello friend! I know you’re looking forward to your weekly rune reading so here we go!

1: The general influences of the past – JERA


This is the “you reap what you sow” rune, the rune of harvest. There are seeds/events/decisions in your past – probably even beyond you personally, and going back to your ancestors – that have guided you to the current time, made you what and who you are, and provided you with tools to walk into the future. This does mean both for good and for ill; Jera is a non-reversible rune and anything “negative” in the past comes along with all the “positive” things. There are good influences that have guided you, and there are some ugly ones as well.

2: Present circumstance – THURISAZ


Friend, apparently you have a thorn in your side that you’re struggling with. There’s a powerful force in your world right now creating problems for you. This struggle is actually bringing out the best in you, but it is not easy. Issues of male sexuality are highly suggested here, and personal relationships.

3: General prospects and hopes for the future – MANNAZ


Friend, I see that this situation is leading to a very philosophical place – deep understanding of who you are, what your strengths and limitations are, and how you can serve best in the community around you. Your wrestling with Thurisaz, assisted by your gifts from Jera (good and bad) make you who you are, and you will see the truth very clearly.

4: The keystone/best possible course of action to take – BERKANO


Extend to yourself a great deal of care, friend. When you need to give yourself a break and retreat, do so. You know what you need to maintain your motivation and strength. You have it; use it. It is not “weakness” to take a breather from time to time. In fact, it is often strategically necessary, to recharge your batteries before diving into the fray again.

5: Attitudes & emotional states of other people around you – URUZ (merkstave)


The rune shown here is upright, but in the reading it came out merkstave or upside-down/reversed. What I see in that is this: someone in your world is feeling rather helpless, disempowered, shaken, threatened. Someone in your life has turned their “wild ox” energy against him or herself for some reason.

6: Obstacles – ANSUZ (merkstave)


Again, the image here shows Ansuz upright, but it did come up merkstave in the reading. That indicates that you may run into issues of lack of communication and difficulty obtaining information you need to accomplish your mission. Ansuz merkstave kind of reminds me of the High Priestess card of the Tarot – someone is keeping secrets.

7: Outcome – HAGALAZ


Friend, there’s a storm coming, and there’s no getting around it. Hagalaz is similar to the Tower card of the Tarot – it speaks of a very catastrophic event that is life-changing and that is outside of your control. This struggle may have to do with whomever it is in your world that is feeling very disempowered right now, as suggested by the merkstave Uruz.

Shadow rune – TIWAZ


It isn’t typical to draw a shadow rune, but I thought I might do so now. This rune speaks of the deeper motivations pushing this situation.

Tiwaz tells me this is a situation of universal law. This is not just human law; this is far more transcendent. Your job is to maintain a level of humility, to not take anything personally, and to carry out your duty whether it is pleasant or not (most military veterans will totally “get” this). This mission, this situation you are in now, is not about making you happy or unhappy – it is about maintaining universal balance. That is what you need to know.

Much to reflect on here, friend.



This Week’s Tarot Reading

Greetings, friend! I’m going to do a 5 card spread for you this week! This week, I’m going to use the Medieval Scapini Tarot deck, a beautiful and unique deck illustrated by Luigi Scapini of Verona

Card 1: The Present – This card represents your present situation. This sets the general theme of this reading.

Page Of Coins


Someone in your life is seeking information, friend. and they have approached you to get it. This person has questions, and you have answers. This person has previously been known to be rather frivolous, but he or she is moving away from frivolity in their life and taking steps to buckle down and get serious.

Card 2: The Past – This card reveals past events that are still having an influence on the current situation. These may need to be let go of in order for the situation to reach its full potential.

Two of Swords


This tells me that very recently, you and this page entered into an agreement with one another, but the interesting thing about this is that both parties here have tools at their disposal that could be very hurtful. For all that, a truce has been struck and both parties have decided to move forward in harmony. That’s fine, but note that those swords are still there, and still available to cut if the need arises.

Card 3: The Future – This card shows the future outcome of the situation, given the current circumstances as they are, if the current path is followed as it is.

Three of Coins reversed


Oooh. Yikes. This looks like someone on your team is going to create some problems and have a poor effect on motivation. Someone here is going to be resistant and insist upon doing everything their way, and that will backfire. This person is not really experienced enough yet to do that, either.

Card 4: Reasons/Causes – This card reveals the reasons/causes that led to this current situation. It reveals obstacles that are standing in the way and works in conjunction with card 2. There can be a strong correlation between these two cards; you must work on what is shown by them to reach the potential shown in card 5.

The Popess


If I may pause for just a moment…do please take a little time to pause and admire the rich, beautiful symbolism on this card. Luigi Scapini produced a magnificent image here.

She says to me that there’s a lot of hidden, occult information out there that – by definition – was not immediately apparent; this is what led to the need to seek information (Page of Coins) and to reach out and negotiate with you (Two of Swords). But this Popess is a wise occult mistress indeed; she is very secretive and doesn’t blab everything to every Tom, Dick, and Harry out there. She knows when to speak, and when to keep silent. She indicates to me that someone in this negotiated settlement is

a: not forthcoming with all the information they have

b: not ready for certain information as of yet

There is a need to remain quiet, for the time being.

A side note: she reminds me, very strongly, of the rune Perthro in the elder futhark. More on that another time.

Card 5: Potential – This card reveals the possible outcome that can occur if the querent chooses to take the advice given by cards 2 and 4.



A brief note: Luigi Scapini painted his own face in this card – on the lower left of the image, right by his signature. It was his way of recognizing that he was mortal too.

This entire situation has the potential to be life-changing. One party here is going to decide to move on, to cut ties, to seek greener pastures elsewhere. And it may be the very thing he or she needs to do, in order to learn how to handle loss and change wisely.

I decided to pull a Shadow card from the bottom of the deck; this card indicates the unconscious root of the issue at hand.

Five of Wands reversed


Friend, this tells me a person is having some inner struggle in this, and this leads to a specific question: is it you who has not been forthcoming with everything you know, everything you want, everything you’re experiencing? Does the Popess refer to you? Are you the party who is keeping secrets and undermining the mission? Do you feel like someone is exploiting you, taking advantage of your inner struggle? Ask yourself, friend. If this is so, ask yourself if it is the right time to come forward and speak up. Maybe it is not. Perhaps it’s best to keep things under your hat for the time being (note the giant hat worn by the Page of Coins in card 1).

There is much to reflect on for this week, friend. Be well!



Is Heathenry > Christianity?

OK so I just found this article:

Why Heathenry Is Better Than Christianity

You know…I like those reasons!


Female Divine Beings
I have an “inner feminist” that likes the idea of having divinity being depicted as both male and female. And some of the female divinities and Holy Powers are seriously kick-ass. It expands possibilities for women and shows them that they can be anything and whatever that is, it is sanctified.

Respect For Nature
The world is a good place in the eyes of heathens; it is not a realm that is controlled by Satan or a demonic being. The world/earth is good, our bodies are good, our physical appetites are good, enjoyment of pleasure in these things is good, etc. You don’t have to constantly stop and ask yourself if enjoying this or that thing is good or sinful. This sort of ties in with the whole “there’s no sin in heathenry” idea.

Respect for Mystery
Mystics and seers are not viewed with suspicion in heathenry; they are respected and if someone has what are sometimes called “psychic gifts” these are encouraged. If one has a particular skill in something like reading runes, this is also encouraged, not discouraged.

There are a few other thoughts I have that are more difficult to quantify – such as there is no inherent insistence upon one specific form of romantic relationship. Even in the Lokasenna, Njord said that it was not shameful for a woman to have both husband and lover. So it seems to me that there’s a level of openness there. At the very least, it is approached as a “rooftree issue” which means it’s something that affects only your own house, no one else’s, so it’s really not anyone else’s business anyway.

Just some food for thought. 🙂